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The Writing Bit...

Sharp edges and corners lined with fading silver, off white sides stained with coffee mug stains. It is no more than a box until it is opened, contained inside is something so powerful it can change the way people see you. Under the layers of crisp thin tissue paper, sits an dress, made for no-one in particular if it fits it's yours for now at least. High-necked, low backed so it skims the wears skin just above the waist, there the dress became dramatically smaller, and what followed was layer upon layer of pure silk with french lace, laced between down to the floor. 

The Fashion/Beauty Bit...Image

Whilst re-arranging my make-up box I found several pots of shimmery eyeshadow I decided I would test a few out! 


Gingham Curls. (Shirt - Primark)


(Skirt - H&M, Tights - Tesco)

xoxo Miriam

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