Upper East Side

Good morning upper east siders! 

Due to my new found love of the television series Gossip Girl, this week shall be inspired by Blair, Serena and the clique. So to start the week lace and necklaces! 

But before you see what I wore toady here is a small paragraph, and when I say small I mean it! 

Everything in it's place just the way it was supposed to be, well almost everything, something was missing or should I say someone. Why in such a place of safety and bliss was she so uncomfortable, "maybe everything is too perfect" she whispered to her self. His voice answered softly in her ear "Lets make a mess of it then". 



(Not quite sure why the picture is so blurry sorry about that!)


I'm not sure who I was channelling today but I'm pretty sure I had my Gossip Girl, head on, well the fashion part anyway!

(Cropped Tee: Republic, Dress: Chelsea Girl @ River Island, Necklace: I made it) 

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Love the neon against the white lace really striking!