Clothes from District 12.

So as you know from a post earlier this week I went to see Catching Fire, and I have since decided that I would like to make several items inspired by Effie Trinket and Cena's outfits for Peter and Katniss.But due to a lack of time and funds right now I will stick to borrowing Kaniss' effortless style in District 12.

I took inspiration from a number of outfits but this is the one I could find with the best quality via google images:

So I went about recreating her style by finding a navy blue shirt top, some pleather brown trousers, and combat boots, or in the case ankle boots with a wedge and some huge walking boot socks.

I really love the lighting in the photo for some reason.

- Top: New Look - Trousers: H&M - Socks: Blacks - Shoes: New Look - 

 xoxo Miriam 

P.S. Thank you for reading.

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