DIY | Patchwork Jeans.

Well you see being a tall mademoiselle in this current clothing market is quite difficult, especially when investing in jeans. Mainly because for 2 extra  inches of fabric I have to pay and extra £20ish. So when I saw Isabel Marant's patchwork pink jeans last year I thought that when my jeans begin to fall apart I should ad patches to them:
S/S'12 Isabel Marant Jeans
 My old worn jeans.

 Patches of denim in different washes to add to my jeans.
 The final design pinned on to the jeans, ready to sew!

 - Jumper: Street Stall in Bath - 
-Jeans: Topshop/Moi - 
-Cupcake print in the corner: A sweet present from a friend - 

Now to wear these jeans to death again and repeat the process, if you do this or have ever done this comment below and tweet me a picture @coffeechanel

xoxo Miriam

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