Little Things Mean A Lot

This has been sitting in my drafts folder since September when I took the photos, I thought now when it is getting cold and dark I would bring back a little bit of the summer to autumn transition. My grandparents have an apple tree in their back garden and my dad, my sister, my dog and me were charged with picking all of the apples, unfortunately they are cooking apples, so NO SNACKING on the job!

Now I will admit I wasn't very trusting of the ladder, one because I have terrible balance and two because my sister was holding it... Sisterly love 'ey? 

 The oh so many apples that we collected.

* Derp face *

 We had a lot of fun swinging from the branches, I think the dog was a little jealous, I think or wanted attention...

Hoodie - New Look
Cropped top - Miso 
Dress - A hand me down from ma mere
Scarf - Warner Brother Studios  

I always want to take home this table and chair set when we leave

And welcome the always cute but rarely helpful when picking apples springer spaniel AKA. my dog Tarka 

xoxo Miriam 

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