Iced Roses.

In the midst of a November, the cold days, of staying in and drinking chai lattes while reading enough books to fill a library. But before all this today I braved the cold and stumbled on some almost iced roses in my back garden.
  I am pretty sure this is growing in what looks like an old kitchen sink, it couldn't be more strange if my family tried.

In between the berry bushes and the herb garden, where green is the only colour left.
 Oh so pure and wonderful.

- Jacket: Singapore Airlines - 
- White Shirt: M&S -
- Top: H&M - 
- Faux Fur Scarf - Unknown -
- Skirt: New Look -
- Thigh Socks: Tesco -
- Boots: My Mums -

Now I am off to watch Masterchef Australia, and drink green tea.
xoxo Miriam

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