Poppies and Butterflies

As all you Britons know it was Remembrance Sunday yesterday, and despite not actuary attending church due to previous commitments of my family, but I still wore my Sunday best, and donned my poppy with pride and added more poppies to my finger nails:

 - Hoodie and Tights - New Look -
- Shirt - Morgan -
- Dress - H! by Henry Holland -
- Shoes - Ma soeur -
 This small oak tree is one I planted as a child, which I forgot about until my dad found it last year in a pot that was far to small.
 I wish these bows were butterflies sometimes, or maybe I have an overactive imagination..
 Glittery *_*
 And the poppy appeal.
As I have a tendency to lose my poppy (I didn't this year, I am a little bit proud of this), I painted litte half poppies on to my finger tips.

xoxo Miriam  

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  1. Such a sweet dress! :) My poppy tends to fall off too so I've started getting poppy jewellery instead. Jon Richard did some lovely pieces this year!

    Tara x

    1. Thank you! :) Ooo never thought of that before, I will try to remember that for next year! xx