Burning Up.

These were taken on the 21st, which also happened to be the day I went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. So I took some inspiration from the title and what I have read in the book and here we are:
 Oh dear my eyes were closed, well this is awkward.

Now the thing is I ended up changing into something else when I went to the cinema as I attended the screening at my local cinema which has a reputation for being rather chilly and so a huge wooly jumper and a boyfriend were definitely needed.

 My somewhat chipped glittery nails, using a mix of Chanel's Rouge Noir and Revlon glitter top coat.

 - Top: Jack Wills - Skirt: New Look - Jacket: Topshop - Tights: Iwi Creations - Shoes: Converse-

And my thoughts on Catching Fire *FANGIRLS* it was amazing, if you haven't seen it go now, that is an order. I am very tempted to go and see it again next week, and buy the books so I can read them again. They kept all the best bit's of the books in, and damn Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were looking mighty fine as Peter and Gale.

xoxo Miriam

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