New Found Ideas.

Looking back at last year not only through my blog but through my journal and all the photos I took (not enough) I have found some new ideas, the main one being that I don't like the word resolution. It makes it sound like you can change over night, plus there is a connotation of lost hope and unrealistic goals. AKA. no longer for me.

who knew Theory of Knowledge lessons would do me good?

So instead I have come up with a set of ideas I would like to carry out in January and which ever ones make me feel better as a human being I will continue to do throughout the rest of 2014.

and what if you don't like any of them at the end?

Numbre 1: Write letters to people, using a pen and some paper. Spend the time to write words to the people I care about instead of relying on social media sites like Facebook.
I want to do this as I have a pen pal in The Netherlands, as well as other wonderful people I know in other places first and foremost France... Time to brush up my French and fast!

Numbre 2: Take 1 photo a day of daily things, considering home is where the heart is and as I might be leaving for university this year seems only right to remember my surroundings.

Numbre 3: Smile more. I recently discovered the Law of Attraction, and as a believer in karma it fits in quite neatly. I am going to take time to be more positive and smile more, in the hope that I will worry less.

Numbre 4: Write what I read down. I always think I don't read enough but I reckon if I write everything I read in one month or more down I will realise my head is stuck in a book more than I know.So naturally I started with IT by Alexa Chung, I read it in 30 minutes I think and I will probably read it many more times this year!

Finalement Numbre 5: Go for long walks, now I know this one sounds weird but I find that walking at a pace for a long time relaxes me and clears my head and saves the need for 2 hour long showers due to thinking.

xo, Miriam

P.S. Which of these ideas do you like the most?

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  1. I've been thinking of purchasing Alexas Chung book recently and now you convinced me completely! x

    1. Haha, do! It is amazing, and there are some great tips and ideas for inspiration in there!
      xo, Miriam