The Small Things: My 1920's Bag

I think this is the start of a new style of blog post/series for this blog, as you all know I enjoy posting and talking about what I wear but the accessories don't really get much of a look in. Oh and by accessories I don't mean just jewelery and bags, we are talking which coffee I enjoy having in my hand as a walk across town to my favourite magazine that month.

So naturally I would start with a bag, I got this amazing one from my parents last year for my 17th birthday, I believe it is 1920's style, but either way I love it, it did have a chain so you could wear it over the shoulder, but I took it off and have temporarily misplaced it *cough* *cough* lost it *cough* *cough*.

 Great Gatsby Much?!

The beading and design of this bag is amazing, it fits really well with a lot of outfits, and even a jeans and tee combo, it makes you look put together without too much effort!

xo, Miriam

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  1. This bag is so cute! I love the fact that you'd count coffee as an accessory too.. 'Today I'm accessorising with jewellery and a vanilla latte!' Haha. Lovely blog!

    pierrelecat | UK jewellery blog

    1. Awwhh thank you! Yes very rarely is the city fashion blogger seen without her "skinny soya vanilla latte with an extra espresso shot" from Starbucks" Hehe.
      xo, Miriam