Scared of My Own Two Feet.

So 3 days late and I finally wish all you guys a Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful time I know I did! I also had some exciting news this morning, well it was exciting for me, I reached 20 bloglovin' followers which after the move from Wordpress to Blogger and losing 150 followers is really nice!

Moving on, I have been watching several YouTube videos on how to make getting dressed easier in the mornings! So I took on one of the tips that kept coming up:

"Choose a piece that you want to wear and create an outfit around it"

So today I chose this statement tunic top and paired it with my old school blazer and my brown leather trousers, for shoes I chose my converses because I wear them with everything...

This is just the best umbrella as it acts as a wind break as well! If I had waited just a few more minutes and there would have been blazing sunshine!

Going for the windswept look today, not that there was much choice.

I find that a black blazer is a staple in your wardrobe I just haven't found the right one, so I have taken to wearing my old over-sized school blazer with rolled sleeves.

I adore this combination of the small charm bracelets and my boyfriends watch, it looks so timeless to me.

This is my favourite necklace even if the chain only stays on because I have ties 4 knots in it..

So recently I have been rearranging my room due to the arrival of my new bed frame and a much needed not flat-pack set of drawers! So I have taken to making my room look very neat and tidy as well as very "fashion blogger" if there is such a style for a bedroom.

xo, Miriam

P.S. How do you get ready in the mornings without any last minute panics?

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