I was enchanted to meet you.

Today I have been home ill due to a early morning fainting incident, so I have finally written up this posts the photos for which were taken on Saturday.

1 Chinese dress, a girl and some sunlight:

I adore this little area down the side of the house where my parents store the wood for the wood burners inside.
Ooo slits up the thighs, its a good job I like my legs... hehe.
The neck detail is just gorgeous sorry about the hair!

This photo demonstrates my new found skill of doing my eyeliner properly without trying about 5 times and going for the gothic look..
I picked up this stunning dress in my local Oxfam shop while browsing with a friend and I just had to try it on, and for a £10 it was an absolute bargain. As much as I adore the way this dress fits me, I would have no where to wear and I am now in the process of either creating a shorter dress of a top and a pair of shorts so I can wear it on a more day to day basis.

I styled it with my black chunky ankle boots and my leather jacket to toughen up the dress and create a look that isn't too"Memoirs of a Geisha"

XO, Miriam

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous, and what a lovely unique piece :)