The Book Club: IT

 If this isn't on almost every fashion enthusiasts bookshelf in the country yet, we are doing something wrong! I admit it not a novel in anyway shape or from, but it has taught me a thing or to about looking effortless:
"Looking effortless takes a lot of effort"

And heartbreak and most importantly how to get dressed in the morning when you aren't Little Miss Super Organised, I have my whole weeks worth of outfits hung up ready to go in my wardrobe kinda gal.

I also discovered that it is okay to take your summer clothing ideas from books, and how to wear eyeliner from rock bands in the 60's, 70's and 80's, but under no circumstances will I ever dress like I am from the 80's or 90's blugh please, I won't even wear a scrunchie again!

I wish I could say more on this darling little book, but I feel I might give away too much, or become boring so I will stop here and say, that you can read this in 40 minutes, but you will keep coming back to it, I know I will!
A* for Alexa

XO, Miriam

P.S. If you have this book, comment what you thought below!

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  1. so funny! thx for sharing!

    1. No problem, thank you for reading!
      XO, Miriam