An Artist's Love

 //Button-down Shirt - My Boyfriend's//T-shirt - Primark//Leggings - Primark//Shoes - Converse//

 I don't know why but I always imagine the traditional artist to wear men's shirts and either distressed jeans or leggings. Now I know that is not the case, but this image of people or make a living from their art, teach art or study art has not been helped by those I have been exposed to. All of my art teachers at school, had messy shirts or skinny jeans sometimes both, not to mention the way the stereotypical art student at my university dresses. But the reality is that I only see a snapshot of what they wear, and while it helps to identify them or tell me certain character traits about them, like any outfit would I don't know much about artists. I personally like to be as comfy as possible when I am being creative, which for me means editing photos and sketching in my journal.

Now can I point out how cool these leggings are, and that I am annoyed at myself for not sharing them on here sooner! Yup that is right these leggings are covered in spells from the Harry Potter books, notice how the "Engorgio" spell is ironically placed on my thighs... Having said that these are the best leggings, and while I know they will probably be gone by the end of summer I am content to wear them for the next few months of photo editing and dog-walking. So now you know what I personally wear to be creative, and from what I have heard from other bloggers they also wander about in what I like to call outdoor-pyjamas or the faithful jeans when they aren't taking photos of themselves or going to work.

XO, Miriam

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