Hay on Wye Literature Festival

Queuing to see Neil Gaiman

Last week I headed out to Hay on Wye just over the Welsh border and began a week of stewarding the events as well as being a full scale book nerd for an entire week. I went last year but as a member of the public, this year I decided to become a volunteer steward with one of my friends from university. I have to say having stewarded The Oxford Literary Festival I thought I would have the hang of it but no. Hay is a whole new universe, a brilliant universe, but a new and sometimes confusing one none the less. It is a universe I am going to travel back to year after year, whether I go back to Hay on Wye or one of the global Hay Festivals I will keep going back. As a volunteer, as a member of the public or maybe even as an intern or as part of my job.

Watching Frank Turner

That is the thing about Hay it isn't just books, I mean books are the centre of Hay but so are the musical performances, the actors, the directors of films and the comedians. I have been back home for four days and it already seems like a lifetime ago, it is as if as soon as it ends everybody begins to wait with baited breath for the next one. It isn't like most festivals, while yes there is mud and probably rain (because you know it is hosted in Wales) there are also carpeted walkways and the nicest people you will ever meet. The authors aren't bombarded as the enjoy the festival for themselves, I walked past and directed several comedians that anywhere else would have strangers asking for photos all the time. It is as if Hay makes everyone equal, like we all have the potential to produce something creative or outstanding, there is no "celebrity" hierarchy.

Watching Climbing Trees
The best ice cream I have ever tasted.
XO, Miriam

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  1. Hay on Wye is such a fantastic little place! I visited last year and it is a book and coffee lover's dream. Would love to visit the festival sometime, looks like it's incredible! I adore your photography style x

    Martha Jane | http://marthajanemusic.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know, the town is absolutely lovely! I didn't really get a chance to see the town this year, but I really want to go back and take a proper look! You should definitely visit the festival there is so much to it.
      XO, Miriam