Living in the now.


So you may have noticed i haven't been around these parts lately. There are so many reasons for this the main one being a lack of wifi in my new student house, but also other reasons. Reasons that i could talk about for ever because of how much I love that they are dragging me away from the life I live online. Because let's be honest there is so much more to my life than this blog, as much as I love and as much as it is bringing me fantastic opportunities right now.

So here is that long list of reasons why I haven't been updating this space as much as I really want to:

  • Starting my second year of university, boy has this been hectic, getting my head around my new timetable and the massive increase in work and reading. Let alone coping with all the stresses of having forgotten a bunch of stuff from last year. 
  • Having a part-time job and learning a whole load of new things there the coolest of which is that I can now make coffee, like proper coffee with foamy milk and all that jazz.
  • Spending a hella amount of time with my housemates and all the other friends I haven't seen since last semester. And watching a lot of films and E4 as a result. 
  • And most importantly I am just living in the now, I have been travelling around doing the things I really want to do, watching rugby, seeing music acts, and just being me. 
I really hope I get back into the swing of blogging again over the next week or so as I share some of my most recent travels, outfits and recipes. 

XO, Miriam 

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