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For once my absence from this blog was intentional, I knew I needed time to gather my thoughts on oh so many topics, I wanted more time to write and to read, I wanted more time to spend with the people I love the most. I don't regret the break I thought I might feel guilty but it was the best thing for me to end the year with. A new year has started and with that I will begin to blog again, with more constancy than before, no more waiting a week for a post that I could have written the day I thought of it to go up, no more thinking re-watching Scrubs is more important... Okay fine Scrubs will always win over most things.

I don't know where to start, I guess I have some goals for the coming year as do most of us, but I think that will be a separate post entirely. I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter series again, I'm also doing #veganuary (again there is a post coming up about this), I'm making plans with friends I haven't seen in a while, I'm dreaming of travelling to so many places that I couple of things I've wanted to do for a year or so are becoming redundant. My TBR list is forever getting longer, not to mention the books I need to read for my module. Somewhere in amongst all this there is a point about trying to live the way you want to live, but I think I lost it somewhere in a list somewhere on train ticket. 

Happy New Year, here's to a year of adventure and happiness, here's to writing new stories on every single one of the 366 pages this year. 

XO, Miriam 

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