2013 Round-Up

I think looking back at all the amazing things that happen in your year is good for you, you can see where you are going and what you want to do more or less of in the next year. So 2013 was my first full year of blogging, and what a year it has been. It might just be me but 2013 has gone really fast, that or I have been very busy so I haven't noticed the time passing under my nose. Let's finish the intro here and get into it:

The Highlights: It snowed, I love snow... I can't really remember January, this is off to a great start..

Highlights: February was interesting to say the least, I watch season 1 - season 6 of Gossip Girl, did 2 posts on it and went to The Upload Tour, which was amazing, and we met all the acts afterwards. I also lived in my Mum's jumper. I also went to Paris with college!


The Highlights: The sun arrived enough to perk up the mood following a very cold February (how British of me, I can only remember the weather). I went to River Cottage, and a fashion exhibition at Killerton House and Gardens. I painted my nails with daisies and wore my LBD.


The Highlights: I visited my friend Ellie in York, ate far too many croissants, and revised maths until my head broke.


The Highlights: Tatiana guest posted on my blog, I went to a masquerade party, and read lots of books, and started "The Book Club" series, which is very on and off at the moment which is a shame really.

The Highlights: It was my birthday! I made white chocolate and pistachio ice cream, ate more ice cream and wore pastel colours.

The Highlights: I made a skirt for Ellie, and a summer pudding, I think that was it. And the Summer holidays started.

The Highlights: I went to Paris again, but this time with my family. If you hadn't already guessed I love Paris, we stayed with some friend in St. Germain and saw my Godfather who lives a few rues away from the Tour de Eiffel with his adorable daughter and beautiful wife. I made a pinafore playsuit, and wore a pencil skirt.

The Highlights: I went back to college for my last year, before university! I made far too many hair bows, and I featured my sister in my blog.

The Highlights: It was my sisters birthday, it was Halloween and I had a half-term break. October is always a bad month for me, it just drags on and on and on for some reason..

The Highlights: I moved blogging platforms, recreated a Isabel Marant design, remembered those lost in war, watched Catching Fire and dressed like Katniss, smelt the roses and visited Bath with friends. I also completed all my Christmas shopping...

The Highlights: December has been amazing this year. My boyfriend added the elephant bracelet to my wrist, I wore a bow tie in honor of Matt Smith as the Doctor. I saw Imagine Dragons, I baked brownies and I met a whole load of perfect bloggers at the #BathXmasMeet.

I hope January brings more amazing things and hopefully I will make it in to University.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. What was your 2013 like?

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  1. Really enjoyed the post! I will totally do something like this next year on my blog!

    Happy holidays!


    1. Thank you! Yeah do it really helps you remember what you have done and achieved in just a year.
      xo, Miriam

  2. Great post! I am so addicted to your blog! Haha. I think you will deffo make it to uni and when you are there you will know how to make lots of great things - like white chocolate and pistachio ice cream. :)

    1. I am addicted to your blog as well! Maybe we should have an ice cream party in honor of it ;)
      xo, Miriam