My Fitness Routine.

Although I am not the fittest or have a Victoria's Secret Model's body I do actually enjoy exercise and keeping fit and healthy, shocking I know. Now since leaving secondary school and moving on to sixth form college I have had to develop my own fitness routine due to a lack of P.E. Yes I do miss that at times horrific lesson...

So to begin with I didn't use the lifts at college, trust me this works for me the tower building is 9 floors high! But this year I am normally too tired to even attempt 7 flights of stairs to biology first thing on a Tuesday morning.

So I found Blogilates a Youtube channel created by Cassey Ho

^One of my favourite workouts!!!
Now you are wondering how can a YouTube video make you fitter, this girl is amazing she keeps you motivates thoughout her videos. As well as this she releases monthly workout calenders which combine her workouts to create a good workout. And believe me no matter how much you do her workouts you will be sweating buckets by the end!

Now in order to cool down after some serious cardio, and strength training with Cassey you will want to streach, no?
Yes! Yet another YouTube channel, and a free version of sometimes expensive yoga classes Adriene  is the perfect cup of tea, even after a huge lunch.

I guess you are wondering if I ever leave the house to workout, and the answer is yes, when I can I swim for an hour or two to help my stamina. And during the summer I cycle to and from the train station where I get the train to college.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. If you would like to see more posts about my health and fitness comment below please, thank you in advance. 

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