Wishing Under a Tree: My Christmas Wishlist

I am somewhat nervous about this post, I have never done a wishlist that hasn't been scrawled on a piece of paper for my parents to tell to relatives when they have no idea and more importantly St. Nicholas. Christmas is one of those times in the year when I feel it is acceptable to be completely outrageous and extravagant but one mustn't forget it is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus *insert nativity play here*

Now, these are the top 4 presents that I would love to find under the pine needles, all wrapped up with ribbons on the 25th of December.

  1. A Joules "Yellow Jwalkerbrolly Walker Brolly". I have gone with out an umbrella for far to long, 2 years infact, and I figured this would be the ideal brolly to restart the love affair with them. It also satisfies my desire to not wear my not so clean cut Peter Storm rain coat. 
  2. Rosie Huntington Whitley for Autograph @ M&S Pyjamas, I am not fussed as to which set, but I would love to be a proud owner of some.
  3. The Great Gatsby DVD. Glamour, 1920's clothes and parties, need I say more?
  4. Finally some knee high Timberland lace up boots. I tried on a pair the other week and my my my they are by far the comfiest boots I have tried since my Hunter Wellington Boots. 

There it is a  short but hopefully sweet wishlist for Christmas. But above all I would like all the military personnel serving to be back home for the day to see children, or parents. or siblings.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. I doubt I will recieve all if any of these as gifts, but a girl can dream right? Comment below what you would like to find under the tree this year.

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