So yesterday I went on a small adventure to the city of Bath, to meet some other bloggers from around Britain and I believe the rest of the world! It was an amazing experience and I hope to meet them again at other meet ups or just for coffee in their home towns.
 Before I begin to tell you all of the wonderful time I had in Bath I am going to say thank you to the lovely Megan from The Briar Rose Blog and all the wonderful companies who helped her out!

Now to try and recount all of the days whimsical events, or I could just show you the pictures...
Outside Bath Fashion Museum, I didn't know fashion museums were a thing... *said the girl obsessed with the V&A's fashion section*

This is on of my favourite photos, I love the reflection of everyone in the glass!

Dress of the Year.... Hmmmm not sure what I think of that...

A group of about 10 of us then popped off to Bea's Vintage Tea Rooms, which were just georgous and the china was perfect, I also have an intense urge to steal the table cloths and the sugar bowls.. I also had the most amazing toasted tea cake *mentally plans to try and replicate them* nom nom nom

 On the left: Clair from Sparkle & Ribbon  On the right: Lily from Lily Doughball
I wish I had gone on this stunning carrousel, but a picture will have to suffice this year.

Above left: A lovely christmas gift from Megan thanks to Crown and Glory, I cannot wait to don that sparkly holly!
Above right: Some busniess cards I picked up from people.
Left and below: A book and necklace I bought in the fashion museum.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. I have an OOTD post coming up but the lovely Joseph Kent took the photos to use on his blog Unlimited by JK first so I am waiting for the pictures to go up there first.

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