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Yes the non matching covers annoys me as much as the next person (read: I want to by the actual cover). However given I had to order that book in to get my hands on it I wasn't complaining. I have also decided to review these as a group because I can no longer distinguish what happens in each book as I have a long narrative in my head.I reviewed the first two books in the series here and here.

Since Autumn last year I haven't stopped reading these books (excluding all books for my degree) since starting to read these books I didn't want to put them down, because each chapter moves around between the characters even if you don't like on character or they are being particularly boring - a rare occurrence - keep reading and you will find yourself half way across Westeros or in Slavers Bay in a matter of pages. I wish I could talk more about the books but I wouldn't give away the story to you.  Unlike the majority of readers of this series I didn't find "A Feast for Crows" even a little bit boring. I enjoyed how the last three books run over the same time period and only move on timewise when the characters from "A Feast for Crows" start appearing again during the current last book.

The series has ended on a few cliffhangers so I would appreciate it if George R.R. Martin would release Winds of Winter, the sneak peak wasn't enough!

XO, Miriam

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