Haven't You Heard What Becomes of Curious Minds?

//Jacket - My Mums//Scarf - Kathmandu//Dress - H&M//Tights - TU//Shoes - Converse//

I have been listening to probably too much of "Wonderland" by Taylor Swift but hey there are worse things I could be doing. This outfit was just something I grabbed out of my wardrobe under the realisation that I had 10minutes before I had to leave for the cinema with my friend but on reflection I loved it and quickly grabbed a few pictures when I got home again. I will never stop loving this location by my house to take outfit shots the lighting is always good, if we get any sun that is...The last few weeks have been hectic, I haven't spent more than 3 nights sleeping in the same house for the whole of the festive period with visiting J, London and Oxford. Hopefully over the coming month I will stay at home for longer periods of time and get everything organised for next semester as well as taking more outfit photos. Duh.

XO, Miriam

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