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I am not physicist, I study arts (English Literature and Publishing Media). I have no idea whether there can be one perfect formula for everything as Stephen Hawking suggests, but what I do know is his belief in hope is justified. Both science and art can comprehend the meaning and concept of hope, it is something that effects people mentally, emotionally and physically. Hope means different things to different people, to Professor Stephen Hawking that means understanding time in its entirety. And to me it means understanding why literature is the one of the truest reflections of society at any given point in time.

The film "the theory of everything" was based on Jane Wilde's memoir about their marriage, and as with every book to film adaptation is not always accurate. Yet the film allows the audience to see both sides of the story. Eddie Redmayne was incredible as Hawking, from the joking arrogance of his intellectual ability at the start, to the posture and slight indications of muscle decay. As an actor he became his character, as did Felicity Jones who played Jane. She portrayed Jane as someone who kept pushing her emotional limits yet stayed strong until she couldn't cope with the strain anymore, and both parted on their new found hopeful paths.

This film made me cry, laugh and get frustrated on behalf of several characters as well as this it reinstated my faith in humanity. If literature tells us societies problems then science proves them or fixes them within  nature and the universe. So how does hope cross boundaries, because there are none.

Hope is The Theory of Everything.

XO, Miriam

P.S. Have you seen this film? What did you think of the portrayal and the concept of there being a theory of everything?

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  1. Oh, I haven't yet seen this film but I'm hoping to.

    1. I really hope you get too, I think you would love it!
      XO, Miriam

  2. Ah I'm hoping to see this before the Oscars! I know the best actor category is pretty close between him and Michael Keaton! Have you seen Birdman yet? Who do you think deserves the Oscar?

    Beth x