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OMG The Daily Mail said something correct.

So I finally got around to reading one of last years most hyped up and talked about books. Having heard so many good reviews of both the book and the follow up film I decided to see what all the fuss was about and get my head well and truly stuck in to it. I can now say the hype was worth it.

From the very start I was hooked on the uncertainty of who was in the wrong and who I should favour in the situation. Nick the compulsive liar when faced with the police, or the "amazing" Amy who at first glance is everything the 'American Dream' wants to be. I am one of those people who if given half a chance will read a book above anything else, but I honestly did not want to put this down (I was reading while walking through a train station for crying outloud!)

As I have mentioned in a previous post literature can be used to hold a mirror up to society (a social barometer if you will). If this is the case Gone Girl shows us how easily situations, specifically court cases can be manipulated by the media and the outcome changed.

If you haven't read this book do it immediately.

XO, Miriam

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