Lightning Skies

//Top - Urban Outfitters//Trousers - Fat Face// Shoes - New Look//

This is slightly different to what I normally wear, but if there ever was a time to experiment the Summer Holidays are that time. And for once I am glad I did, not only are these trousers lightweight and perfect for the abnormal summer we have in the UK right now they are also so easy to move around in. And for some unknown reason I haven't worn these outside besides going to the washing machines in halls since I went to India last year. Also now I know they look so good with these shoes I am pretty sure I am going to wear them to a lot of lectures over the course of my next year at university. It is a shame I can't take my sister's top with me when I go though... Because as with quite a few of my personal style posts this summer I have been using my sister's wardrobe more than I should.

XO, Miriam

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