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//Headband - My Sister's//Dress- Mango//Shirt - Vintage Sale//

I would love to be able to write some beautifully crafted words about these photos, the wonderful clothes I am wearing, how they were inspired by something beautiful, and about my life lately, but I can't. I have no energy at the moment, I want to persue all of my creative ideas but the reality is I get as far as taking and editing the photos but when I sit down to write the words nothing comes. I don't want to force my creativity, or it will create a longer gap between the times when I do get creative. Hopefully I will be back up and running creatively in a couple of days, I feel like i need some time to live. I also need to sort somethings out that have been making my anxious and stressed over the last few weeks.

Sorry this is going to continue to be very rambley, that isn't a word is it...

I think that thing is with me is I struggle to find balance within the main areas in my life at any given time. So right now I have plenty of motivation and energy for looking after my health, for my job and for keeping up socially. But when I get home or have a day off I have no energy to blog which is sad because I really do love working on this little space on the web. I hope this is a case of needing new creative inspiration, be that music or finding some art that catches my eye.

Thank you for reading I appreciate it more than I can express in the written word. 

XO, Miriam

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