What I Wear to the Gym

//Sports Bra -USAPro//Bottle - Urban Outfitters//Leggings - USAPro//Yoga Top - Swetty Betty//

I've called this what I wear to the gym but this is what I wear regardless of where I am working out, excluding swimming obviously. I tend to stick to black for my gym clothes as sweat patches don't show up as much, and black is a slimming colour so a great confidence boost when you are surrounded by super fit people who have the time to workout everyday. The other thing I look for in workout clothes is good support for my chest, due to having quite a large chest I tend to wear two sports bras or a sports bra and a top (like the one above) that has a built in one. The last thing is comfort, if you try on some sports kit regardless for what it is for and it isn't comfortable don't get it. If it isn't comfy in the fitting rooms it won't be when you are sweating it out.

What do you look for in your gym attire?

XO, Miriam

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  1. Wearing two sports bra is a good idea for bigger busts. I should starting trying that

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. It works like an absolute treat when you are running etc, I don't do it when I'm on a bike or doing yoga x