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The Outsider by Albert Camus - 3/5

I definitely never saw myself picking up this book ever again after my experience studying it on IB, but here we are and it is on my reading list for next semester. This is the first book on the reading list that I picked because it is short and I already knew the story. Well that and I know it can create existential thoughts for sometime afterwards. The basic premise of the book is a man gets tried in court for murder but is condemned for his lack of emotional reaction.

Overall I enjoyed this book, but because of the lack of emotion in the main character's perspective I couldn't sympathize as much with him as I can with the other characters. While I was reading this I was definitely aware of the discussions that I had when I previously studied the text, in that it is possible that the character was autistic but due to the knowledge at the time and the setting in Algiers this was unknown and therefore he was seen as an outsider. This book has definitely changed my perspective of the way you can use emotional arguments alongside logical ones to change people's perceptions and to create a society in which there are unspoken rules. I am of the opinion that you lose something by reading this book in English, I feel like there would be more meaning if it was read in the intended language of French. But maybe that is just me...

I would say that anyone who loves to read should give this book a go, if only to see a different perspective on things. It is a short book so in theory won't take long to read and digest the main themes.

XO, Miriam

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