We Found Wonderland

//Jacket - Vintage Levi //T-Shirt - My Boyfriends//Skirt - Urban Outfitters//Shoes - Shoe Zone//

You know those sunglasses I mentioned in my ramble about my trip to The Netherlands (Here) these are those very ones. If you were wondering they are from a shop called Tiger? And boy am I glad I purchased them, I mean mainly because it makes me that little more by Taylor Swift but also because it was so sunny last Saturday when I went to see the 1989 world tour, post coming soon. Moving on from the best sunglasses I have ever owned...and on to this amazing skirt. There are a number of reasons I love this skirt, the first being the zip goes all the way to the hem, this means no large amounts of booty wiggling to get it on! The other reason it is fits my waist perfectly and doesn't flip up in the wind which with a skirt this short is a huge plus point.

I definitely felt like I was emulating TayTay or one of her many friends in this outfit, which is basically what I aspire to feel like all the time but come on I don't have the time to wear perfect outfits everyday. I do have the endless legs that she possesses as well which does help, but I spend way more time wearing the same pair of jeans for 5 days straight than her... Back to the outfit because I was going to be walking and standing a lot that day I chose a light weight and baggy t-shirt that I have borrowed from J on a semi-permanent basis and a jacket which I could put on the floor to sit on in-between warm-up acts at BST Festival cause you know... I think the only poor descision I made was my choice of shoes, they are no designed for all day standing and walking, my feet were aching far too much that evening when I went back to the hotel.

XO, Miriam

P.S. Thank you to my sister Emily for the photography and try and spot my mum. The one in the pink trousers ;)

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