My India and Nepal Adventure| Agra

Day 1: Agra the home of the the massive white building called the Taj Mahal and the place everyone associates with going to India, so we couldn't miss it out! To get to Agra we got on a train really early in the morning as with all of our travelling, and once we had relaxed and used Costa's wi-fi (yes there was a costa next to the hotel) we set off to visit the "Baby Taj" which was built before the Taj Mahal so is really a "Father Taj". 

After that we travelled by tuk-tuk to the site of the possible black taj that was meant to be build opposite the the White taj. As you can imagine lots of touristy photos were taken! And of course we went out for dinner afterwards to a roof terrace restaurant where we drank a bottle of gin between us al, which if I am honest all of us kinda needed!

Day 2: 5:30am and we are running to the Diana bench in front of the Taj Mahal with two men in suits so we could get photos at sunrise, but of course some clouds got in the way... So once we had taken photos and wandered around the building and the gardens surrounding it, we were told that if you stand opposite the Taj and walk backwards focusing on the Taj it will get closer and if you walk forwards it will get further away. This does work and at that time in the morning it is really trippy. 

^^ The group of people I toured with ^^

Now I reckon you are wondering why on earth there is a picture of me with bandages and tape on my leg, well something scary happened two others and I were in a tuk-tuk accident, we pulled out into the road and the car coming towards up didn't break until 5 or so metres before he hit us and drove off. Susan (Sat next to me in the white in the group photo) was sent to hospital as she landed on her back, Stefan (the guy in the grey t-shirt) and I treated ourselves back at the hotel using sugar for shock and small first aid kits along with ibuprofen.  Looking back it makes a great story but at the time it was really quite scary. We didn't see a road accident before the event or after, except some overturned trucks on the mountain roads of Nepal. We were lucky.

After the rest of the group had visited the Red Fort in Agra while me and Susan watched Indian telly (the Bollywood channel was excellent) we headed off to catch a sleeper train. But more on that in my Varanasi post.

XO, Miriam

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