My India and Nepal Adventure| Kathmandu

How does anyone find anything on these streets?
Day 1: This was essentially a day of travelling. 10 or more hours on a coach is not exactly my idea of fun, so naturally I listened to music and slept for most of the journey. Massive shout out to our hotel which had functioning hot showers and enough room to wash some clothes ready for the next few days. Once we were all clean, off we set into the busy and highly confusing streets of Kathmandu in search of water and a restaurant called Rum Doodle. Rum Doodle is a restaurant from what I could tell for travel groups and trekking groups, who at the end of their journeys go to and create these feet:

Day 2: The last day (morning) of the tour, which was spent grabbing some breakfast and seeing the group for the last time. Which was actually quite emotional, but then again we had essentially done six months bonding in two weeks. We were to go home and as Susan said "creep on each others Facebook profiles".  The rest of the day was spent wandering the streets and getting lost multiple times on the way back to the hotel, where we just chilled out and played Jelly Splash until Becky had to leave. Then Jess and I organised all of our stuff ready to fly out the next day.

Day 3: We spent the day with Charlotte who was on the same flight as us back to our homes in the UK. But the trouble was Jess and I had the wrong flight times and accidentally missed our original flight, and spent one and a half hours waiting to see if there would be enough seats on the flight we thought we were on. There were. So off we flew.

If any of you are considering India or Nepal as places to go, do it. I could not recommend these countries enough, I would love to go back to Nepal for some trekking (maybe even to Everest Base Camp) but first I am going to visit all of my wonderful friends in their respective countries: UK, Norway, Iceland, Germany, America, and South Africa.

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  1. Ahh a friend of mine is currently in Nepal volunteering for a few months, her photos look amazing! xx

    1. It is so lovely out there, I bet she is having the time of her life over there!
      XO, Miriam