My India and Nepal Adventure| Pokara

Day 1: After what seemed to be the worlds longest coach ride we reach Pokara. Before we could get settled we set of on an orientation walk where we discovered that we could go out on to the lake with self row boats. Flora looked up the lake in her guide book and discovered that if you row to the middle you can swim in the lake. We knew how we were going to spend the rest of our afternoon. After a quick dash back to the hotel to change in to bikinis and other swim wear/grab the correct amount of money, six of us jumped into two boats and rowed away. Naturally we got some weird looks from some other tourists as swimming in the lake when it is raining is considered a little bit weird in most places, however the lake was really warm and despite the green tinge very clean.

After the worlds quickest shower and change we headed out into the town to find something to eat, we ended up eating pizza as it began to rain very heavily, some may even call it monsoon season. At the aptly named pizzeria "Pizzeria", they served us popcorn while we waited for our pizzas which were stone baked. Following this several of us headed to a club/bar/cafe called Busy Bees for a few drinks, that was the intention until we discovered that they had shishas on the menu. This was a first time experience for me so resulted in s few coughing fits, but I wouldn't be adverse to using them again. 

Day 2: I would like to say I went and visited many sites near Pokara on day two but alas that is not the case, instead four of us went on a hunt for a present for CP. On the way we found a German bakery where we stopped for breakfast and some chai. We also invested in a few cashmere items and a pedicure (as shown above). Yes those are all men doing the pedicures. That night we dined in a restaurant named Moondance and went back to Busy Bees yet again in monsoon rains that had created rivers in the road.

XO, Miriam

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