My India and Nepal Adventure| Pushkar

On the second day of the trip we woke up at 4am, packed our things back into our rucksacks along with as much water as we could humanly carry, ready to jump into some taxis to get to the train station. The taxis were like mini campervans, they were black with green, white and yellow stripes around the middle. Once we reached the station CP informed us that we were on "Platform number second" and that the Indian flag isn't Orange, White and Green but SAFFRON, White and Green. One of the many things I noticed on our train journey was the amount of colour on the houses and other buildings, along with the number of people on the tracks, but then again the houses were only about 10m away from the farthest track.

Once we made it to the hotel, most of us took the chance to take a quick dip in the available pool and grab a bite to eat. The temperature was considerably lower here, or maybe it was the lack of exhaust fumes. After getting changed we took to the market streets of Pushkar for half an hour before we went on a camel ride!

Before we got onto our camels we were dressed up in traditional dress, which made sitting on a camel very uncomfortable but then again why would you wear a skirt riding? The clothes we really bright and the scarves despite their appearance were made of an unbreathable fabric. Now for the camel ride, which was awesome! It was something that I could cross off my bucket list before it was on there. I also have a new found respect for cross-country horse riders.

Our first taste of Masala Chai, with a Magician of sorts performing. The idea was to catch his tricks but this guy has had years of practice and none of us knew the tricks. The evening continued in the desert with a fire, some great food, and the sunset.

XO, Miriam

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  1. Looks amazing! I've ridden a camel before and it was awesome.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. It was awesome even if I was a little sore after!
      XO, Miriam