My India and Nepal Adventure| Varanasi

Day 1: It was 2am and we were still at the train station waiting for our sleeper train to arrive, it was already 2hours delayed. And having been in a road accident the day before Susan, Stefan and I were less ready for this journey. I couldn't get comfortable on the bed, Stefan threw up on a man, and Susan couldn't move for the whole night. However once the sleeping part was over with we had quite the enjoyable journey, even if by the end the train had a 7 hour delay attached to it. A few things I did on the train: change sleeping position about 20 times, eat 4 dry plain biscuits in order to take pain killers, drink 3 litres of water, hang out the door of the train because that is a thing in India, and make friends with a group of Indian students in university on the bed opposite us.

That night due to the train delay we ventured out for dinner on to the busy streets of Varanasi, which more traumatic than it should have been. Afterwards we went back to the hotel for a room party with the whole group, which involved ring of fire, never have I ever and more rum than any of us are willing to admit to... CP, Flora, Yaz, Hilder and I stayed up all night...

Day 2: On the way to the sunrise boat ride Yaz co-drove out tuk-tuk still slightly drunk... Once on the boat the view of the city was stunning, the riverside is full of beautifully coloured buildings and hundreds of boats. Flora fell asleep for a large part of the boat ride, and once we had grabbed some breakfast (French toast) I took a nap which turned into 6hrs.... but at least I was fresh for the night time/sunset boat ride which was my favourite. Partly because we travelled by cycle rickshaw to the boat, and because we watched a Hindu prayer ceremony.

XO, Miriam

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