My India and Nepal Adventure| Lumbini and Travelling Through the Mountains

Day 1: In order to get to the India/Nepal border we took a 6 hour train, and spent 6 hours in cars. Once we reached the border we were stamped out of India ready to cross the border and purchase our visas in Nepalise border control, which required some USD, a passport photo and so form filling. Then we were in, so we hopped onto a bus, which the armed police also hopped onto shortly after... and we reached the hotel. It was by far the most modern hotel we had been in for a while.

Day 2: An 8am leaving time, what is this madness. We were travelling by private bus to Chitwan National Park via Lumbini. Why Lumbini I hear you ask, well Lumbini is home to the birth place of Buddha. And as you can see from the photos there are prayer flags everywhere, the atmosphere was very peaceful and quiet which was such a contrast to all of the places we visited in India. The only other difference so far was the weather, it was inbetween weather, cloudy but the air was warm and swampy.

After an hour or so there we set off again in our bus, by the end of the journey I had a sunburnt right arm, having sweated off all of my factor 50, I had drunk some bright orange fanta and sung along to Disney songs with Jess.

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