30 Day Minimalism Challenge| Week One


I have completed the first 7 days of the minimalism challenge, and here is what happened. (The original post can be found here)

Day One: Stay offline all day
I managed to stay offline from when I woke up until 11pm, but during the day I used Whats-app to communicate with a few people as we had plans and Skype to talk to my boyfriend.  This day was just as challenging as I thought it would be, but it was rewarding to not feel like I had to check social media.

Day 2: Meditate for 15minutes
This is something I would like to incorporate into my life more, it was great to only concentrate on my breathing for a while and not everything else surrounding my life.

Day 3: De-clutter your online life
This is something I do about once a month, I clear out my inbox, remove Facebook friends unfollow twitter and Instagram accounts, so this was nothing new to me. This is such a cathartic experience you feel so much better once you have done it.

Day 4: No complaint day
This was tough mainly due to a number of mishaps that occurred during that day I am going to try this again next week.

Day 5: Identify you 3-6 main priorites
Be happy, read a lot, learn alot both in and out of university, relax more.

Day 6: Follow a morning ritual
Surprisingly I found this quite easy, having realised I already have a routine in the morning, albeit a generally rushed one.

Day 7: Streamline your reading list
Nope, nope, nope. I have a reading list that will not be streamlined, I adore reading lots of different genres and ideas. This is something I will never do.

XO, Miriam

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