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 Over the last week I have been observing the actions of those who live in my city, and here is a fictional account of the way they think about this city:

Turning away from the problem, the person, or the situation is sometimes the only way to deal with it. Just because closing your eyelids and turning your head doesn't solve the issue, doesn't mean it won't help. Turning away, looking down, silence, can all bring clarity to your mind. In this city of prestige and hierarchy, sometimes all a person needs is to allow their mind to clear.

In this city where grades aren't everything. Except when they are. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but how can that be true when in this small city of ours peoples close their curtains on themselves and present the person everybody wants to see. For me that means long sleeved clothes, contact lenses, 'cat-flick' eyeliner and stories that have been edited to suit the listener. Lies, breakdowns and incredible amounts of talent are what got us to this small city of ours and what will take us further.

XO, Miriam

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