My Favourite Minimal Living Quotes.

 Lately I have been browsing Pinterest and Tumblr for new sources of inspiration for my 30 Day Minimalism Challenge (here and here). The first quote is something that has always rung true for me, most of all while traveling, but recently I have been thinking I would rather go through life collecting amazing memories than objects. An example of this is, I could either spend my money on new clothes or other material items or spend my money on something that will give me an experience to remember, books, flight tickets or a new notebook.

For me currently this means clearing out what I own, if it is no longer of use to me either physically or emotionally I shouldn't have it in my life. I feel like this theory can be applied to people as well, if someone makes you unhappy or unworthy of their presence then you shouldn't be around them if you can help it of course. 

This goes back to the first quote of wanting to experience more than I own, for me traveling and discovering the world is of the utmost importance for my spiritual and emotional experience in this life. I have some traveling experiences planned for this summer already both in and out of this little country I live in. I plan on writing about why traveling means so much to me in another post because I could go on for a while.

XO, Miriam

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