Rainbow Coloured Thoughts| Red

Lately I have been experimenting with short pieces of fictional writing, so naturally I drew some figures with brightly coloured hair first. This the first of a few of these...

Who am I? Who am I to you? Am I worth something that is more than the way I look? Or am I defined by the way others perceive me? Who am I? Who am I, darling to you? Words circled in my mind as the camera snaps away from different angles, capturing the moment, capturing my youth for the rest of time. 

My red hair shining under the morning sunlight, wisps falling around my face as my bun loosens over time. 'You should have used a few more grips this morning' a voice in my head mutters in a disappointed tone. The camera gets turned off, my body relaxes internally, and for that split second I have internal peace. The comes the worry and the anxiety that come with every shoot. As my hair is released to great my shoulders once more, my smile fades and I know that I will not be happy for a while longer.

XO, Miriam

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