wanderlust dreams

//T-Shirt - Zara//Trousers - Monsoon//Shoes - Toms (not in shot)//

These are the days I crave during the spring months, when it is summer and winter all at once, during the day you wear fewer and fewer layers, but retreat to central heating and your trust knitwear in the twilight hours. I have been spending a lot of time dreaming about traveling to new places, but I have also spent a lot of time appreciating the city that I live in. Time spent in easy outfits having easy days when I'm not in lectures is perfect. And I have to say these trousers are great for walking around in, I cannot believe I almost threw out these beauties.

Besides being incredibly comfortable the t-shirt defines a lot about me, I always have an incessant need to move around, I hate staying in the same place for long periods of time. Life becomes frustrating and monotonous when I settle, and things just aren't as clear. I think the thing I like most about moving around is the journey, I can read all the books I have been meaning to read or daydream to my hearts content. When I say I suffer from wanderlust I don't just mean physically, I want to let my mind and soul travel to new places to, and discover new things.

xo, miriam

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