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The Opposite of Loneliness (Essays and Stories) by Marina Keegan
Rating: 5/5

The essays and stories contained between the covers of this book are written by Marina Keegan who in 2012 died in a car crash five days after her graduation from Yale University.

I left writing about this book for a few days because it left me and still has me completely dumbfounded. Marina Keegan has a wonderful way of writing, while many people writing at her age and intellect are using too many adverbs and trying to sound older than they are, Keegan sounds like what she is a college student. She offers a unique perception of the world that only a university student would have the opportunity to envision. But is was the way she translated those observations into words is nothing like I have ever read before or will ever read again.

My favourite  short stories and essays from the book are:
The Ingenue because it took me a double read to fully understand why the Yahtzee was important, I could relate to the story in that at moments where you feel everything with intense passion even the small things are significant. But when you look back you wonder why.
Challenger Deep was a story of impending 'doom' how the importance of a sense of home and your sense of mortality changes. The story of the deep sea submarine suck in the Marina Trench with no light literally or metaphorically.
Why We Care About Whales, is an acutely accurate piece of writing about the way humans protect animals before they protect their own due to fear of becoming too emotional involved with those who suffer.
The Opposite of Loneliness essay I will leave you to read yourselves here.

XO, Miriam

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