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I will miss the night. A short story.

It was odd to be back in school, the summer had been made up dreams, but mostly long nights smoking with 'them', It was weird to think that their faces will one day be gone from my memory, and just the heady smoke will take their place. The smoke will take everything eventually but for now I begin to settle back to the routine of late night essays and parties where I try to remember the details in the morning. 

There was a point to all of it once, but it becomes a lifestyle quickly. There is a sense of community that comes from that, very few of my class know what we want to do. So we come together on that by talking about nothing, smoking whatever someone has and leaving deadlines until the early hours. I will miss it. I will miss the lack of routine and the people. I will miss the awful accommodation and the talent of the school. Most of all I will miss the night.

XO, Miriam

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