30 Minimalism Challenge| Weeks 2 and 3

The past couple of the weeks of the challenge (original post here) have consisted of several different clear outs, from my cosmetics collection, my wardrobe and my daily habits. The experience has been somewhat therapeutic, especially given that I have incorporated new daily rituals like meditating before bed or before an important event, in to my life. I feel that I could do with clearing out all of my physical possesions again over then next few weeks, especially when I go home for the spring break from university, when I am swapping rooms with my sister, meaning I have a smaller living space just for myself.

One of the other focuses of the past few weeks has been analysing my personal habits and learning new skills. The main habitual actions I want to change in my life is finding more time to read, and to change the way I eat, by including more plant based meals into my diet. In terms of learning new skills I plan to spend some time over my break dedicated to learning more about web design with the hope to redesign this little corner of the web.

So far this challenge has helped me to remove any negativity in my life, as well as any unwanted material items.

XO, Miriam

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