Rainbow Coloured Thoughts| Blue

A little fictional something about a young woman who attempted suicide and the way society perceives her:

It was mid February and it was raining as I walked home from where ever it was I had come from. The last few weeks have been a blur of tangles thoughts and nights spent knotted between the duvet and different people. All of those people I spent nights next to all have stories of heir own, but I am a reckless person right now seeking gratification for only myself. Nights like that make me forget all the questions, all of the people trying to work out where it when so wrong for their golden girl with blue hair. 

I have left everyone who was ever close to me confused and guilty. Part of me feels bad for that but then I am surprised no one saw it coming. For me the biggest thing was he number of people who pretend that they have been your friend for years when it looks like you won't make it. I never knew I would be around to see the fall out of a few scars and stories. I'm unlucky I guess.

XO, Miriam

P.S. I know very little about those who survive suicide attempts and I am still trying to learn more about depression and the effects it can have on the person and those around them.

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