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Fashion Journalism by Julie Bradford - 3/5

So while I was searching for a couple of textbooks in my university library I stumbled across this little gem of non-fiction, and looking through the contents and the introduction I decided it might be interesting to read. For those of you who don't know I study Publishing Media as well as Literature so no only will this book be really good to refer to later on in my course but it also had some great advice about blogging and how to get into the industry to begin with.

This book is set out in chapters that as far as I can tell are set up in report form which makes them really easy to read. For example if you see the a subtitle about a topic you don't need to know about you can skip to the next one with out starting to read about it. I personally read the majority of topics unless I had already covered them in class. This book is definitely an eye opener into the word of Fashion Journalism, and there are plenty of extra reading lists at the end of each chapter if you want to know more which I found really useful and am going to make use of before I leave for the summer.

xo, miriam

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