The Importance of my Breakfast

i never used to eat breakfast, I would always favour that extra 10 minutes in bed over making food in the morning and if I did eat breakfast it would be on of those Corner Yogurts. But since I have been at university I have realised the importance of not only eating breakfast but making sure it is healthy as well. After having attended one too many 3hr lecture on an empty stomach I realised that I cannot run on coffee alone as much as I would like too. Over the course of the past few months I have been experimenting with different breakfasts both sweet and savoury.

Above: Granola, Almond Milk, Banana and Cinnamon
Below: Coconut Yogurt, Mango and Kiwi

There are still days when I skip breakfast because my body doesn't feel right or I slept through my first 5 alarms, but I can now definitely say that breakfast is far becoming one of my favourite meals, that or brunch I can never quite decide, mainly because the food is so much lighter at that time of day. And I cannot afford to eat my favourite fruits for every meal. To me the key to breakfast is not making it compulsory for myself but making it important enough to be able to listen to my body in the early hours of the morning and find the appropriate food.

xo, Miriam

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