living between blurred lines

Since September last year I have been living in between the places and people I call home, I move around a lot, train journeys and rucksacks have become routine. Why then am I still restless? I spend days planning imaginary holidays to places beyond the borders of the country I am in. The desire to be able to explore places so far unknown to me is becoming stronger, and yet I have allowed myself to become comfortable with the blurred lines that I live between.

I live between three different homes really, my university town of historical wonder, the green field of my family home, and the salty air of J's university city. The life I live has become fluid and adaptable to moving around, never staying in one place longer than a month at a time. Yes there are times when life becomes tightly packed between traveling and the seemingly constant journey I am on, but there also times when that is what I crave to have plans made to go to somewhere new, beyond the blurred lines that I live between, and create something concrete to live by. Today is one of those days, where time is spent finding new places to love and enjoy for a few hours before returning to slowly typed letters on a keyboard. Thoughts and the motions my hands perform move quietly together through the time I allow myself to share my life between blurred lines to others.

xo, miriam

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