Life Lately.

I wouldn't say I have taken a break from my blog as it has only been four days or so but to me who writes and thinks of new content every day most of the time I find it hard when I have nothing there creatively. Now is one of those time where life has caught me up in a whirlwind of to-do lists, social engagements and the need to go to sleep early. I stop blogging when it becomes another task I need to fit into my day when other things within my life are more important, and that's okay. I can always come back to blogging it is for me at least a hobby, my lifestyle does not depend on it being constant.

Life lately has been exciting, busy and I cannot remember the last time I stopped to journal it must have been at least a month or at least that is how it feels.I am surprised at how much writing has become a part of me, those silly thoughts that I jot down on the pages of notebook, the doodles and sketches that make sense to me alone. Writing helps me in the same way talking to a close friend does to others, it helps me refresh my brain and remove all the worry so I can prioritise what I need to do to improve myself and my life over the next day or so. That is until I pour more thoughts into pages.

xo, miriam

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