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The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser and Midnight Over Sanctaphrax by Stewart and Riddell - 4/5

So way back in February J gave me one of his childhood books to read 'The Edge Chronicles: Into the Deepwoods' which I reviewed here. Since then he has given me the rest of the original trilogy otherwise known as the Twig Saga. It is safe to say I definitely preferred these two books to the first one, there is a lot more action and the story flows easier through all of the twists and turns. Stewart and Riddell are a author and illustrator team that have the ability to change your opinion of a character in a few words. As will the last book these depict the life of Twig a boy who strayed from the path to discover a new world in which he belongs, but also one in which he finds himself in a considerable amount of danger most of the time. While these are 'middle grade' books I couldn't put them down the characters are so in-depth that you grow to see and think like them when ever the omniscient narrator allows you into their thoughts and motives.

As they are written for a younger audience I found the language occasionally simple but that is to be expected. As well as this they touch on some harder topics e.g. Slavery in a manner that was shocking enough to engage the audience but not enough to scare the intended readership which I found both clever and frustrating. There are many themes brought up in these books along with morals that are proved to be right not just stated. Overall I loved these books I would definitely read them again for a quick easy read that has plenty enough story to stand alone in each trilogy. Having said that I doubt I will read the other trilogies that are based on The Edge.

XO, Miriam

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